Otrokovice will also draw on the experience of how to involve the public in the development of the city in Norway


The city of Otrokovice is establishing a partnership with the Norwegian city of Fredrikstad and twelve cities and municipalities in the Czech Republic in a project called “Public involvement in community development”. The aim of the project is to introduce processes of involving the public in the preparation and implementation of development plans and the creation of strategic documents at the local level.
Representatives of the cities and municipalities involved will be educated, will exchange experiences and will implement concrete activities involving citizens in decision-making. “We see room for improvement in the area of communication with the public when making decisions about important strategic documents and plans in our city,” said the mayor of Otrokovice, Hana Večerková. Each of the municipalities involved in the project will focus on a topic that is important to them. “Some cities will focus on the preparation and discussion of strategic documents, others will plan modifications to public spaces. Otrokovice has the theme of solving the future of transport in Baťov,” added project coordinator Eva Matulová.

The project is fully financed by the EEA Funds and Norwegian funds within the framework of the Proper Administration of Public Affairs program of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic.

Implementation date 1/4/2022 – 30/4/2024
Budget: CZK 4,869,846

Project registration number: GG-MGS1-003

The city of Otrokovice has the role of applicant and main implementer in the project, the project partners are the Norwegian Fredrikstad, as well as the municipalities and cities of Halenkovice, Jeseník, Kopřivnice, Kurovice, Kutná Hora, Nová Dědina, Říčany, Turnov, Uherský Brod, Valašské Meziříčí, Žlutava and the Ivančicko microregion , bringing together fourteen other municipalities of the South Moravian Region.